Our Projects

Million Metres Silverstream
Restoration Project

Since 2006, volunteers from the Silverstream Advisory Group have completed two restoration projects in the reserve.

Altogether we have planted some 9,000 native plants. The reserve is managed by the Waimakariri District Council, with input from the local iwi. The management plan adopted by the District Council in 2009 focuses on restoration and recreation.

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Predator Control Program

The Silverstream Predator Control Program has been running since June 2019. As of January 2021 over 202 possums have been caught along with 123 rats, 45 hedgehogs, 121 mice, 6 weasels and 4 stoats. Predator Control helps to protect the native wildlife at Silverstream, and since the beginning of the program the bird life has increased by over a third at the West End of the Reserve.

If you are local and would like to be involved in the Predator Control program get in touch.
Or you can help by donating a trap to the program here.

Biodiversity Protection

Silverstream Reserve is home to unique dry land wetland habitats and we are dedicated to protecting the biodiversity that lives in these environments.
One of our main focuses is the protection of the native Boulder Copper Butterly, and its host plant Muehlenbeckia axillaris (Creeping Pōhuehue).
Significant patches of this plant survive in both East and West ends of the reserve. Plants of this nature, begin the natural revegetation of an area after disturbance.

Denitrification Pilot Project

Since 2017, Environmental Science and Research (ESR) have been undergoing a denitrification wall trial project at Silverstream Reserve.
The research is aimed at improving the safety of freshwater and groundwater resources by decreasing nitrate levels. ESR installed a worlds-first 25-metre-long denitrification wall which removes all of the nitrate in the groundwater that passes through it.
The project has seen promising results and you can find out more about the success of the project here.

First Silverstream Planting Projects

The first restoration planting projects were in the west end of the reserve, upstream of Heywards Road. These were funded by the DOC Community Conservation Fund, Robert C Bruce Trust, Rata Foundation, ECan Immediate Steps and Honda Tree Fund.
Since 2009 over 37,000 natives have been planted by volunteers at Silverstream Reserve.

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