Autumn is awesome at Silverstream

Right now the conditions are perfect for a visit to SilverStream Reserve. The colours of the trees are changing into beautiful reds, oranges and yellows, the sky has been a clear blue, it is still dry underfoot and there is plenty to look at. Here are just a few highlights to look out for.

Some trees have leaves with a variety of colours on them, from green to peach to pink to crimson, all on one twig.

There’s a beautiful spot to sit and take in this pretty little waterway.

Look out for interesting bug nests, like these intricate spider webs.

Try to spot last winter’s shrivelled up mushrooms, soon they will be replaced by fresh ones once the soil gets wet.

This photo of the stream shows my favourite view at SilverStream, the water is crystal clear and the trees make such a show as they change colour before they lose their leaves for winter.

So my advice is to put on your walking shoes, grab a water bottle and head to SilverStream to drink in the peace, tranquility and beauty of the reserve in autumn. The more closely you look the more you’ll see.

By Clara-Jane