• Welcome to Silverstream Reserve

  • Welcome to Silverstream Reserve

Silverstream is a stunning, natural reserve
in the Clarkville area, it features a beautiful clear stream,
and is home to native invertebrates and tuna (eel).

Silver Stream is the South Branch of the Upper Kaiapoi River that runs through Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend and is a tributary of the Waimakariri River. The 52-hectare reserve, spanning two sites, has been replanted with more than 37,000 native plants, along the stream and under larger trees.

The East End site is 28 hectares in size and contains a mixture of wetland and dry land plants. This site is home to the rare gratiola sextendata wetland plant, and Muehlenbeckia axillaris (creeping pōhuehue) which is host to the native boulder copper butterfly.

The West End site is 23 hectares in size and hosts a more mature mixture of wetland and dryland plants with majority of plantings being wetland plants that follow the stream.

Silverstream is known for fishing and is significant to local Maori for mahinga kai (food gathering and its associated cultural values).

An off-road car park is located on South Eyre Road, 1.5 kilometres from the Tram Road turn-off. This provides for easy access into Silverstream East Reserve.

Dog status: On a leash

Plants and Wildlife

Silverstream Reserve is a place of unique biodiversity – home to the native boulder copper butterfly, tuna and native skinks as well as rare native wetland plants.
The pre-human ecosystem at Silverstream was a dynamic mosaic of dry river terraces and wetlands.  

Our Projects

There are many projects running at Silverstream Reserve. They include the planting and maintenance of thousands of native trees, predator control, denitrification trails, biodiversity monitoring and more.

Getting There

Silverstream Reserve – East End
155 South Eyre Road, Clarkville, Canterbury

Silverstream Reserve – West End
431 Heywards Road, Clarkville, Canterbury


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Get Involved

There is always something to do at Silverstream Reserve!

No matter your age or fitness level, if you’re interested in the development of Silverstream Reserve or the biodiversity of the Canterbury plains we’d love to hear from you.